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MTA Grafuroam - FO Clan Presentation

Views: 103 Added by: Paulaner Grafuroam videos 
Entry description:

FO Clan Presentation :P (filmed by [FO]Paulius)Default MTA Server ===GRAFUROAM=== [FO]IP:

Language: Русский
Video runtime: 00:09:49
Author: grafuroam
Total comments: 331 2 3 4 »
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33 kiki  
hi guys

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32 jamal8658  
hi the server s ofline or what??/

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31 [LI]Ali  
admin why my not was suspended plese unsuspended i level on 15 plese i begg you admin i not share any one tu my account

plese plese plese plese plese plese admin grafu plese man UNSUSPENDED my account i NOT SHARE MY ACCOUNT PROMICE.......................

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30 TelepGamer  
please unban me,I did not know that you must not do :) PLEASE UNBAN TNX :)

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29 troawer  
How to get "UNBANNED" ?

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28 troawer  
Plz help me I want to talk to grafu he banned my little brother because ne shoot him.

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27 hukbalaja  
Nice !!! =_= ^^ tongue

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26 mohamed22  
code tha door {open and lock }blez like sarvers

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25 Carl  
ahmed admin i can give you my serial and unban me plzzz

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24 Hama  

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